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The Tobacco Commission website.

Find all information about Auction, Contract Farming, News, Events, Vacancies, Growers, Buyers, Transportation and Association as set out in the Tobacco Act Cap 65:02 and Tobacco Auction Floors Act Cap 65:03. As a statutory body corporate, the Commission subscribes to the principles of good corporate governance of openness, integrity and accountability, which are fundamental foundations on which effective organizations are built.

Core Values

In pursuit of the Commission's strategic vision, mission, goals and objectives,
and in line with Malawi Growth and Development goals (MGDs), all employees shall strongly uphold the following core values that will guide them in delivering the Commission's mandate in the most effective and efficient manner:

 Respect for human rights.
 Integrity: employees shall discharge their duties with the highest levels of honesty, truthfulness and reliability.
 Anti- corrupt practices: Employees shall adhere to the zero tolerance to corruption.


The core functions of the Tobacco Control Commission as outlined in the Tobacco Auction Floors Act cap 65:03 and Tobacco Act Cap 65:02 and policy directives of the Malawi Government are to:

 Regulate the production, manufacture and marketing of tobacco..
 Advise government on the sale and export of tobacco.
 Promote and expand the sale of tobacco.