The Tobacco Commission would like to remind all tobacco growers and grower associations that, registration of growers for 2020/2021 season is in progress in all the Commission’s divisional offices and other designated areas. Growers willing to grow and sell tobacco are advised to license with the Commission before the closing date of 30th September, 2020.

Growers are being informed that it is an offence under Tobacco Industry Act, to grow tobacco without license. Preparations for Tobacco Growing Seasons starts with registration; after which, growers properly plan for the season based on allocated and licensed production quota.

The Tobacco Commission is, therefore advising all Malawians, interested to grow and sell tobacco in the forth coming season to go for registration.

Remember, COVID-19 is REAL; let us observe social distance, wash hands regularly with soap and WEAR facemasks. Let us protect ourselves, and let’s protect others.

Looking forward to a successful 2020/2021 Tobacco Growing Season.