Government has expressed satisfaction over the progress of the 2020 Tobacco selling season despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The remarks were made by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Honorable Agness Nkusa Nkhoma when she paid a surprise visit to Lilongwe Tobacco Floors at Kanengo on Thursday,July 30, 2020.

Speaking to the media, the Deputy Minister said, she was particularly impressed with the prices being offered at the auction market, a development she believed could encourage growers. Nkusa Nkhoma however, expressed worry over what she believed to be higher taxes in the industry and pledged that government would look into the situation and see to it that there is indeed mutual benefit between growers and buying companies.

On his part, the Tobacco Commission Chief Executive Officer Kayisi Sadala said, the 2020 Tobacco Selling Season has been a success despite low volumes due to unpredicted weather patters that affected production of the leaf. Concurring with the Minister, the TC Chief said; prices on the auction market have lately improved due to high competition on the market with the coming in of new buyers such as Voedsel Tobacco Company from Zimbabwe.

So far, the industry has realized over US$140 Million from 92 Million kilograms of all tobacco types combined.