The Tobacco Commission launches 2019 Tobacco Grower Outreach programme

Once again, the Tobacco Commission (TC) launched its grower outreach programme on 8th June 2019 at a colourful ceremony in Bolero Rumphi. This is the second year since inception of this programme in 2018.


Tobacco farmers at the launch, Bolero, Rumphi

The outreach programme offer opportunity for the tobacco industry regulator (TC) to interface with the farmers where the former update the latter on developments in the industry. This year’s programme comes at a time when the Malawi tobacco industry has new legislation, the Tobacco Industry Act No.10 of 2019 which, among other things has provided more protection to the tobacco farmers while addressing conflict of interests among the various licensed players in the industry.

During the launch, TC highlighted various provisions of the new Tobacco Industry Act with an appeal to the farmers to familiarize with the provisions. The Commission accorded the farmers to ask questions.

Delegates to the launch included the Controller of Agricultural Services from Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, Dr. Alexander Bulirani who was the guest of honor, representatives from buying companies, grower associations, transporters, and Agricultural Research Extension Trust (ARET).

Speaking at the launch on behalf of the Government, Dr. Bulirani said ‘Government came up with the new Act as one way of ensuring that smallholder tobacco farmers are not exploited as the case has been in the past, and also this law ensures the conservation of our natural resources’.

After the national launch the Commission continued with the programme through the division offices at various selected sites. The exercise is expected to end on 22nd June 2019