The Tobacco Control Commission (TCC) signed a memorandum of understanding with Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) at a ceremony held at Sunbird Lilongwe Hotel on 11th February 2019.


Executive Director for CFTC, Charlotte Malonda and Chief Executive Officer for TCC, Mr. Kayisi Sadala signing the MOU

Speaking at the function, the Executive Director of CFTC, Ms Charlotte Wezi Malonda indicated that the MOU was premised on the role CFTC has been assigned by the Competition and Fair Trading Act of 2013 as a regulator of contract farming strategy which the tobacco industry is also implementing through the Integrated Production System (IPS). The MOU, therefore, cements collaborative working relationship with TCC recognizing that TCC is the tobacco industry regulator on production and marketing.

“Through this MOU, CFCT would like to see uncompromised competition at the tobacco selling floors, fair trading conduct by the grower associations, grading companies and transporters”, she said.

Collaborating the Executive Director was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for TCC, Mr. Kayisi M. Sadala who acknowledged the long process it has taken to reach an agreement between the two regulatory bodies.

‘The MOU marks a significant process in enforcement of competition and fair trading by equipping the two institutions with necessary tools to regulate challenges rocking the tobacco industry to the benefit of the tobacco farmers’, he said.

He cited the continued practice of inter-trading which has compromised fair trading in the tobacco industry.

Through this MOU, Mrs Malonda said ‘players are free to lodge concerns or complaints with either CFTC or TCC and the two institutions shall engage with each other in responding to the concerns or complaints’.

She further appealed to TCC to join hands with CFTC to make the tobacco industry more competitive.