The Tobacco Commission has announced the opening of the 2020 tobacco marketing season.

According to the Press Release signed by the Tobacco Commission Chief Executive Officer Kayisi Sadala, the markets shall open as follows:

     Lilongwe Floors            :  20th April 2020

     Chinkhoma Floors        :  22nd April 2020

     Limbe Floors                 :  27th April 2020

     Mzuzu Floors                :  04th April 2020

The Commission further reminds all stakeholders and the general public that Bookings and deliveries for the repective floors will be through the Commission as follows:

       To Lilongwe Floors           : 14th April 2020

       To Chinkhoma Floors       :  20th April 2020

       To Limbe Floors                :  20th April 2020

       To Mzuzu Floors               :  20th April 2020

In view of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the following safety and preventive measures have been put in place:

  1. Entry into the AHL Tobacco Sales Premises shall be restricted and those authorised to enter will be expeted to undergo mandatory hand washing with 0.05% Chlorinated water at the gate and Floor entrace,followed by feet wiping using Chlorinated rug placed at the entrace of the Selling Floor.
  2. Entrants shall undergo temperature scanning,those with temperatures outside the recommended range shall be referred to AHL clinic.Furthermore,Sanitization facilities shall be made available within the Selling Floors.
  3. All personnel working on the Selling Floors shall have their IDs at all times,put on uniforms as well as Masks.

Sales Strategy

In order to ensure that a one (1) meter social distance is observed,the following measures will apply:

  1. The number of people at the floors shall be restricted to less than one hundred (100) and only critical personnel with tasks to perform will be allowed entry.
  2. Will observe operational sequence and prelisting of stakeholder staff to work on the floor wiill be done by the Commission.
  3. Some Tobacco Sales shall be conducted in a minimum of three (3) shifts per Selling Floor.
  4. To avoid congesting the Selling Floors,there will be no re-lay of tobacco bales.Instead, Saturday Contract Sales will be conducted for willing tobacco buying companies.
  5. On Contract sales,bales will be laid side by side to maximise floor space,while on Auction Sale,bales will be laid 0.06 meters to provide adequate social distance for buyers and selling teams.
  6. Growers shall not be allowed to witness the sales.Instead, they will be represented by Grower Associations and non-member growers will be represented by AHL Tobacco Sales.
  7. Growers will have to access sales information through AHL Tobacco Sales 252 platform.

The Commission wishes everyone good health and a successful Tobacco Marketing Season.